About Us


4CE Apparel is a clothing brand that is aimed at motivating people to be the best versions of themselves; the general belief is that when people look and feel their best, it empowers them to be self-motivated towards success. The company is built on several steps that it follows to achieve maximum success. The steps are outlined as; establishing ideas, mapping out a plan, execution and staying committed in order to achieve success.

 We aim at being America's most trusted and leading retailer for desirable, high quality and comfortable T-shirt apparel. We look to provide high quality and fashionable products, by using available resources and deliver them using a streamlined system.  


4CE is an urban empowerment brand where we want to get the community and everyone around us involved. 4CE is a culture ,where everyday we want you to apply pressure to your dreams and goals. The 4 fingers represents the time and steps it takes for you to get something out of life 1.Establish an idea 2.Plan to achieve 3.Execute and achieve your vision 4.Maintain and prolong your commitment and the CE represents Commit to Everything that will help you succeed in life. Combining that you get 4CE(Force)Apply Pressure.

The snake on the hand represents the daily temptations of procrastination and the hand is a representation of the perseverance or as we call it 4CE (four-CE) to achieve your goal and ultimately sustain your goal.